Demo Video: How to Extend the Data Model in SCSM Using the Authoring Tool
Published Feb 15 2019 04:00 AM 260 Views
First published on TECHNET on Sep 27, 2010
One of the most common customizations people need to make to Service Manager is to extend the Service Manager CMDB data model.

Here’s a quick video (less than 5 minutes) on how to extend the data model in SCSM using the authoring tool.  In this particular example I show how to extend the Windows Computer class to add a new property to tracking the Account Departments ID.  You can see how in just a minute or two I can extend the data model and then immediately start to use it in the console thanks to the generic form/extensions tab .

If you have the screen resolution to do it I recommend watching this video in 720p HD at full screen.

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