Cumulative Update #3 Now Available

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First published on TECHNET on Sep 16, 2010

UPDATE: All the files are there now and the link to the KB article works.  Sorry for the snafu.  For those of you that downloaded already, the additional file is the  MP library update for the Authoring Tool - KB2390520_MPLibraryUpdate_AuthoringTool.exe.


Cumulative Update #3 (“CU3”) is now available for download here:

Bug fixes included in this update:

  • Duplicate notifications or workflows on later record updates
  • Analyst Portal error when you select "View Change Requests with Manual Activities to complete"
  • Self-Service Portal Change Request Category drop-down list items are not localized
  • Help documentation is not localized
  • Some relationship properties are not propagated correctly to Data Warehouse
  • "Activity Status Changed" workflow does not work correctly after a Management Pack that has a class extension is imported
  • Extended properties that are used in workflow parameters are not resolved correctly
  • Form customization fixes
  • A customized form that has a single instance picker crashes on create task and may also crash on edit, depending on the instance of what type is picked with it
  • The user picker should limit the users who are shown in the drop-down list
  • DisplayName always returns the default language string
  • Operations Manager 2007 heartbeat alerts do not have the computer name set; connector does not add the computer to the affected CIs on the incident
  • Knowledge Article form is very slow to open
  • The Select User dialog box is very slow
  • Creating a template for a class that does not have a custom form associated with it pulls up a new blank form instead of a generic form
  • AD Connector does not Import Data When there are Multiple Domain Controllers
  • SQL Server deadlocks occur frequently enough to cause the console to become unresponsive
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