Creating a TFS Integration Pack using PowerShell
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First published on TECHNET on Jun 15, 2011

We have had a lot of requests for a Team Foundation Server Integration Pack, and the team has been working on, testing and using one internally.

Zhenhua Yao who works in our Orchestrator Engineering team has written up a post describing how we did this, and for those who just can’t wait, he has provided all the instructions on how to get going!

As with all engineering efforts, we are evaluating this Integration Pack and assessing how best it could be made available externally.  One thing we do know is that you can do just about anything with the base Orchestrator product using the Standard Activities (formerly Foundation Activities), so if you want to have a read of the article then please do.

Integration Packs are packages of ready-made functions, sometimes combining multiple commands into a single activity, and they also bring change control, packaging and deployment to Orchestrator.  But you do not NEED an Integration Pack (in most cases) to be able to integrate with systems, map our process workflows and create runbooks!  In this case, you can use PowerShell to integrate with TFS, and if you want to, run them through the Quick Integration Kit to create an IP .

You can read the article here:



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