Community Spotlight: New Configuration Manager Extension to Invoke Orchestrator Runbooks via Right-Click Action
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First published on TECHNET on Jun 15, 2012
I just saw this come through my email and I had to share it, and I admit I’m a little jealous and a little relieved at the same time. You see I have had the idea of writing an extension to Configuration Manager to launch Orchestrator runbooks via the right-click menu for some time now, and have never been able to devote the time to it. I’m glad the Neil Peterson, one of our Premier Field Engineers in Texas, has gone ahead and done it! Not only has he created a way to link ConfigMgr to Orchestrator, he went one step further and made it really easy with the ability to browse the runbooks, select the runbooks to create tasks for, and it automatically generates the parameter fields for you. Even better, it supplies context-specific information to the parameters depending on what you launch the action from!

Neil has written up a pretty extensive blog article on the cool tool (and he has some other good articles there too). Check out his article here:

Runbook Commander – An Orchestrator Console Extension for System Center 2012 Configuration Mana...

He even has a 15-minute video in the article demonstrating how the whole thing works! (I just wish the video was a bit larger). This tool really shows how you can take the extensibility of Orchestrator via the Web service and the UI extensibility of Configuration Manager and build really cool integrations.

BTW, don’t miss the actual download at the bottom of the article. Maybe he’ll post it to CodePlex and the System Center Gallery on TechNet as well.

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