Community Spotlight: Configuration Manager 2007 IP on CodePlex
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First published on TECHNET on May 07, 2012

One of our favorite community members, Ryan Andorfer, has updated his community IP for Configuration Manager 2007 to work with Orchestrator, and I thought I’d highlight this IP for everyone. You may know Ryan from his previous IP’s (available on CodePlex) for Active Directory, Exchange, VSphere, Scheduled Tasks, and Opalis Utilities. This IP for Configuration Manager 2007 currently has 96 different activities (come on, Ryan…you couldn’t hit 100? ). The list of activities is below. He has really put some work into this IP to make it really usable. It’s packaged as a full IP with a separate MSI installer to get the ConfigMgr SDK files in the proper place, which is a lot easier than using Invoke .NET!

Here’s a list of all of the activities in this IP:

  • Add New Computer
  • Assign Package to DP
  • Associate Computer Record
  • Create Folder
  • Create Advertisement
  • Create Authorization List
  • Create Collection
  • Create Computer Variable
  • Create Package
  • Create Program
  • Create Software Updates Package
  • Create Updates Assignment
  • Delete Advertisement
  • Delete Collection
  • Delete Collection Variable
  • Delete Computer
  • Delete Folder
  • Delete Generic Object
  • Delete Package
  • Delete Program
  • Get Advertisement
  • Get Authorization List
  • Get Boot Image Package
  • Get Collection
  • Get Collection Members
  • Get Collection Variable(s)
  • Get Computer
  • Get Computer Variable(s)
  • Get Driver
  • Get Driver Package
  • Get Folder
  • Get Folder Item
  • Get Image Package
  • Get OS Install Package
  • Get Package
  • Get Parent Collection
  • Get Program
  • Get Software Updates Package
  • Get Sub Collections
  • Get Task Sequence Package
  • Get Updates Assignment
  • Get User
  • Get Usergroup
  • Modify Advertisement
  • Modify Advertisement : Set Advert Flags
  • Modify Advertisement : Set Non-Recurring Assignment Schedule
  • Modify Advertisement : Set Recurring Assignment Schedule
  • Modify Advertisement : Set Remote Client Flags
  • Modify Authorization List
  • Modify Boot Image Package
  • Modify Boot Image Package : Set Package Flags
  • Modify Collection
  • Modify Collection Add Direct Member
  • Modify Collection Add Membership Rule
  • Modify Driver
  • Modify Driver Package
  • Modify Image Package
  • Modify Image Package : Set Package Flags
  • Modify OS Install Package
  • Modify OS Install Package : Set Package Flags
  • Modify Package
  • Modify Package : Set Package Flags
  • Modify Program Supported Platforms
  • Modify Program
  • Modify Program : Set Program Flags
  • Modify Software Updates Package
  • Modify Software Updates Package : Add CIs
  • Modify Software Updates Package : Remove CIs
  • Modify Software Updates Package : Set Package Flags
  • Modify Task Sequence Package
  • Modify Task Sequence Package : Set Package Flags
  • Modify Updates Assignment
  • Modify Updates Assignment : Add CIs
  • Modify Updates Assignment : Remove CIs
  • Move Console Folder
  • Move Item to Console Folder
  • Refresh Collection
  • Refresh Package at Distribution Point
  • Refresh Package Source
  • Remove Collection Membership
  • Remove Package from Distribution Point
  • Set Collection Variable
  • Set Computer Variable
  • Set Package Description
  • Set Package Source Path
  • Synchronize Software Update Point

Ryan has definitely put a lot of work into this IP and provided a lot of value to all of you ConfigMgr admins. Be sure to download and test the IP and provide some good feedback to Ryan for his hard work!

Be sure to check out all of Ryan’s IPs at:

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