Coming soon: The all new DPM Management Pack
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First published on TECHNET on Jun 20, 2008

As a customer of a product that we love, we always love to see what are the new features that are cooking in the DPM labs. We take this opportunity to take a preview of the cool new features that are coming soon…

Feature of the week: The all new DPM Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007


Operations Manager 2007 (OpsMgr) is a cool new management software with new concepts in monitoring as compared to its previous version, Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 (MOM). The first and foremost of them is the class/object based modeling of my application, and monitoring the various states changes of these objects around the four pillars - Availability, Configuration, Security and Performance. This brings in consistency across multiple management packs (MP).

On the side, we can remotely look at various aspects of multiple DPM servers in a centralized fashion , as in the case of the DPM MP – by giving glimpse of all the admin managed objects and its various properties - like what is the number of recovery points in a datasource, or how much size does it occupy, or what tape libraries are working fine etc. In fact, it also build a visual picture (Diagram view) which gives a neat picture of the DPM setup and how the health roll-ups. The built-in break-fix help remotely fix issues, whereas the health explorer helps show the entire details of all facets to monitoring.

The cool features to watch out in the new pack are:

· Diagram View to see entire DPM deployment and its managed objects

o   MP can be used like a Remote UI to see various properties like disk usage, library details, protection and recovery details etc.

· State views to see the current state of all objects

· Health Explorer that shows how the MP monitors the entire system, along with Product Knowledge for all.

· Alert view where the actionable to-do items for operators are logged, that talk about what has failed, and how to fix it.

· Break-Fix tasks for common troubleshooting like re-running backups, fix replica errors in the remote DPM server directly without having to terminal service into it.

The pack would be available in Q4 of this year, and watch out for a sneak-preview demo of the same, pretty soon. We are sure you would love it.

- Balaji Hariharan

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