CLI script: Create protection groups for Disk based backups
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First published on TECHNET on Mar 18, 2008

The following script creates a protection group with disk based protection, for a simple folder. It can be easily extended to add more data sources of different kinds – like Microsoft Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, System state or Virtual Servers. The Synchronization frequency and retention ranges etc. can be easily modified to suit your needs.  Also, since we are protecting a sub-folder in a volume, we are using the CalculateSize parameter in Get-DataSourceDiskAllocation, which would calculate the exact size needed for all the items in that folder. This is not needed when protecting an application like Exchange/SQL or protection the entire File system volume.

---------------------------------------------- Start of Script ---------------------------------------------------

# To D2D create PG and do the initial replication

# This script is for creating Disk to Disk PG for File System

# For details contact mukuls[at]microsoft[dot]com

# Create a .ps1 file with this script and run under DPM Management Shell

# Customize these values as per your environment

$dpmname = ""

$psname = ""

$dsname = "G:"

$poname = "G:ProtectableFolder"

$pgname = "MyCLIPG"

function CreatePG


param($dpmname, $psname, $dsname, $poname, $pgname)

write-host "Creating a D->D PG --> $pgname..."

trap{"Error in execution... ";break}


Write-Host "Getting PS: $psname from DPM: $dpmname"

$ps = Get-ProductionServer -DPMServerName $dpmname | where { ($_.machinename,$ -contains $psname }

Write-Host "Running Inquiry on PS: $psname for datasource $dsname"

$ds = Get-Datasource -ProductionServer $ps -Inquire | where { ($_.logicalpath,$ -contains $dsname }

Write-Host "Getting Child-datasource $poname from datasource $dsname"

$po = Get-ChildDatasource -ChildDatasource $ds -Inquire | where { ($_.logicalpath,$ -contains $poname }

write-host "Create New PG ..."

$pg = New-ProtectionGroup -DPMServerName $dpmname -Name $pgname

write-host "Adding child datasource..."

Add-childDatasource -ProtectionGroup $pg -ChildDatasource $po

write-host "Setting Protection Type..."

Set-ProtectionType -ProtectionGroup $pg -ShortTerm disk

write-host "Setting Policy Objective...retention range - 10Days, synchronizationFrequency 15"

Set-PolicyObjective -ProtectionGroup $pg -RetentionRangeInDays 10 -SynchronizationFrequency 15

write-host "Setting Policy Schedules ..."

$ShadowCopysch = Get-PolicySchedule -ProtectionGroup $pg -ShortTerm| where { $_.JobType -eq "ShadowCopy" }

Set-PolicySchedule -ProtectionGroup $pg -Schedule $ShadowCopysch -DaysOfWeek mo -TimesOfDay 02:00

write-host "Setting Disk Allocation, with optimization (will take a few minutes to complete)"

Get-DatasourceDiskAllocation -Datasource $ds -Calculatesize

Set-DatasourceDiskAllocation -Datasource $ds -ProtectionGroup $pg

write-host "Setting Replica Creation Method ..."

Set-ReplicaCreationMethod -ProtectionGroup $pg -NOW

write-host "Commiting PG"

Set-protectiongroup $pg



function waitforIRtoComplete



write-host "Wait for IR to complete"

$val = $waittime/30

while($val -gt 0)


Write-host "Wait for IR to complete... $val"

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