CLI: Create new Recovery points on tape for all datasources in a PG
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First published on TECHNET on Jan 14, 2008

This is a sample script that will automatically create new recovery points for the entire Data source’s in a Protection Group. You can customize this easily to change script file to create recovery points on disk. Save the attached file as a .ps1 file and invoke through the DPM Management Shell.

--------------------- Start of Script ---------------------

param([string] $dpmname, [string] $pgname, [string] $backupoption)

$dpmname = read-host "DPMName:"
$pgname =  read-host "pgName:"
$backupoption =  read-host "BackOption:"

write-Output "Creating $backupoption Recovery Point"

trap{"Error in execution... $_";break}
write-Output "Getting protection group $pgname in $dpmname..."
$clipg = Get-ProtectionGroup $dpmname | where { $_.FriendlyName -eq $pgname}

if($clipg -eq $abc)
Throw "No PG found"

write-Output "Getting DS from PG $pgname..."
$backupds = @(Get-Datasource $clipg)

foreach ($ds in $backupds)
write-Output "Creating Recovery point for $ds..."
$j = New-RecoveryPoint -Datasource $ds -Tape -ProtectionType $backupoption
$jobtype = $j.jobtype
Write-Output "$jobtype Job has been triggerred..."


--------------------- End of Script ------------------------

- Mukul Singh Shekhawat

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