Breaking All the Rules: Reactivating Closed Incidents

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First published on TECHNET on Nov 17, 2010

OK – so ITIL/MOF best practices say that you shouldn’t reactivate or edit incidents which are in the Closed state and that you should create a new incident in that case.  I’m of the opinion that the intention of this is if the end user is re-raising the issue.  That makes sense to me (sort of).  So – in SCSM if you open an incident which is the Closed status you can’t edit it in any way and you can’t change the status back to Active or Resolved.  The whole form is disabled.  Interestingly, you can still change the extended property values and save those changes.

At any rate, there have been enough cases that customers have raised where it makes sense to allow editing a closed incident that I’m going to show you how to do that.  Here are just a couple of the cases:

1) You need to update the time spent on the incident, because somebody forgot to (or couldn’t) log it before the incident was closed.

2) The incident was flagged as ‘requires knowledge article’.  The knowledge manager has now provided a knowledge article and needs to unflag that incident so it doesn’t keep coming up in his “to do” list.

So – here is how you can enable reactivating closed incidents.

1) First download and install the SMLets cmdlets from

2) Import the attached MP.

You’ll see a new task in the task pane when you have an incident selected:

Just click that and it will change the status.  You may see a warning message like the one bloe that confirms that you want to run the script associated with importing the SMLets module:

You can get rid of this by opening Windows explorer to the .psm1 file mentioned in the dialog above, right click on it, and choose properties.  Then click the Unblock button.

You’ll need to refresh in order to be able to see the change in status.

Managment Pack download

Here’s a similar solution that Patrik built:

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