Automating IT with System Center– Is Your Career Heading Toward “Blue Collar IT” or “White Collar IT”?
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First published on TECHNET on Jul 01, 2011
Jeffrey Snover ( @JSnover ), a Microsoft Disinguished Engineer,  the lead architect for Windows Server and the inventor of PowerShell gave a talk recently that I really think is a fascinating presentation on the current and future states of the cloud.  If you are still confused on what this cloud thing is all about, what the big deal is, or why you should care, you really owe it to yourself to take an hour and watch this presentation.  Snover is an excellent and entertaining presenter so the time goes by pretty quick.  I love the part in this presentation where he predicts that in the not too distant future IT jobs will fall into two categories – blue collar IT and white collar IT.  Which way is your career path heading?  The cloud and automation are going to rapidly eliminate many of today’s IT jobs.  Who needs an Exchange administrator, SharePoint administrator, etc. when you are using Office 365?  How many network and infrastructure administrators do you need when all of your servers are running as VMs on a public cloud?  CIOs and CTOs get it and they are moving fast to realize the cost saving opportunities of the cloud and automation technologies like SCSM, Opalis/Orchestrator, and PowerShell.  Hurry up and get on board the S.S. White Collar IT ship!  The ship is sailing!

Here’s the video.  Check it out!

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