Audit Collection (ACS) Database and Disk Sizing Calculator for OpsMgr 2007

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First published on TECHNET on Jul 02, 2008

Recently I got some emails requesting for a ACS DB sizing calculator similar to what I had published for the OpsMgr Database and Data warehouse.  While I was unable to put one for the ACS DB I did find that a couple of months ago Pete Zerger one of the OpsMgr MVPs put together an Audit Collection (ACS) database sizing calculator. While we haven’t done an “official” verification of this tool I did get a chance to finally run some simulation tests on different workloads to compare it with what our customer have today and the sizing seems accurate. There are three different workloads this calculator takes into account which are workstations(smallest workload), member servers and domain controllers (largest workload). You can download the excel calculator from the link below.




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