Announcing the Service Manager Plumbing Management Solution

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First published on TECHNET on Apr 01, 2009

Hi everyone,

Since releasing Beta1, we have received feedback from our customers that they are facing increasingly high cost in terms of maintaining their plumbing system. This has also been experienced by some of the SM team members. In view of this strong demand, we have decided to ship a new solution in SMv1: Plumbing Management.

The aim is to use the existing OpsMgr connector and bring in monitoring information collected by the OpsMgr Pipe monitoring management pack. Using a DCM like functionality with a base line of “I don’t want any of my pipes to be leaking”, we will be opening Leaking Pipe Incidents. The connector will automatically resolve any incident if a leak is fixed. A stretch goal for this feature team is to enable integration the other way. If a Leaking Pipe Incident has a known resolution then it should be applied automatically. Service Maps will be extended to be able to bring in information and diagram view of the plumbing system.

This will also be imported to the DW and Reporting side, with Reports available on: “Number of leaking pipes” “Volume of water lost”

Few early work snapshots:

Some feedback from early adopters:

Customer: Caulking & Plumbing Institute of America (CIA)

Review: CIA deployed Service Manager CTP2 with Plumbing management pack and deployed MOM agents to their customer homes. In the first 24 hours of going to production they were able to prevent thousands of claims that would have been due to leaking pipes and saved a bundle. In a CNBC interview, CIA CEO attributed their stronger financial position to Service Manger and believes they will be able to replay all of TARP money in 2009 and change their name back.

We are also looking at adding managing Faucets, taps, showers etc. to this Solutions. Please give use your feedback on what you would like to see in this Solution pack in addition to these things.

Happy April Fool’s Day!


Meghal P atel | Plumbing Management Expert |

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