Updates: PsExec v2.0, RAMMap v1.3, Sigcheck v2.0
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First published on TechNet on Oct 23, 2013

PsExec v2.0 : PsExec, a popular utility for executing processes on remote systems, introduces a new option, -r, that specifies the name PsExec assigns to its remote service. This can improve performance when multiple users are interacting concurrently with a system, since each will have a dedicated PsExec service.

RAMMap v1.3 : RAMMap, a graphical utility that provides a comprehensive breakdown of physical memory usage by usage type and process, is updated to work on Windows 8.1.

Sigcheck v2.0 : This major update to Sigcheck, a command-line file version and digital signature verification utility, adds integration with the VirusTotal antivirus scanner aggregation service. Sigcheck can now check the status of a file against over 40 antivirus engines and launch the associated online VirusTotal report, and even upload files for scanning that have not already been scanned by VirusTotal. This release also reports the machine type of executable images, whether 16-, 32-, or 64-bit.

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