Updates: Process Monitor v1.37, Handle v3.41, Process Explorer v11.21, DebugView 4.75 | Mark's Events: Keynote speaker at Virtualization Congress
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First published on TechNet on Aug 08, 2008

Process Monitor v1.37: Process Monitor, a system monitoring utility, now prevents you from inadvertently closing the filter dialog without saving edits and fixes a subtle race condition bug in the driver.

Handle v3.41: Handle, a command-line tool for dumping information on open operating system handles, adds a new switch, -l, that dumps the sizes of pagefile-backed sections.

Process Explorer v11.21: This update fixes a race condition bug in the Process Explorer device driver.

DebugView v4.75: DebugView v4.75, a debug output monitoring utility for developers, fixes a bug that caused it to crash when capturing very long debug strings when not forcing carriage returns and the driver is now compatible with the Driver Verifier.

BgInfo v4.14: This update makes the /silent switch more aggressive about supprossing dialog boxes.

Mark's Events: Mark to Keynote Virtualization Congress - Mark is going to deliver a keynote on Microsoft's virtualization strategy at the independent Virtualization Congress in London in October.

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