Updates: Coreinfo v3, DebugView v4.77, SDelete v1.6, and Process Explorer v15.04
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First published on TechNet on Sep 01, 2011

Coreinfo v3 : Coreinfo is a command-line utility that reports detailed information about processor cores and topology, including cache sizes, core-to-socket mappings and NUMA memory latencies.  It now shows the processor features supported by the system’s processors. For example, Coreinfo will show if the processor supports hardware-assisted virtualization and advanced virtualization features like Second Level Address Translation.

DebugView v4.77 : This update to DebugView, a graphic debug output monitor useful for application and device driver development, adds a command-line switch to enable or disable kernel-mode capture, a switch to enable millisecond clock display, and a number of bug fixes.

SDelete v1.6 : SDelete, a command-line utility for securely deleting files and zeroing volume free space, fixes a bug that prevented it from accessing some files on 64-bit Windows and swaps the zero-free-space and clean-free-space arguments to make them more intuitive.

Process Explorer v15.04 : This release fixes several minor bugs, including a tooltip display bug and one that could result in a miscalculation of CPU usage on Windows 7 in the refresh immediately following the termination of a CPU-intensive process.

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