Updates: Autoruns v11, Coreinfo v3.01, ProcDump v4.01, Process Explorer v15.05, and Mark at BUILD.
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First published on TechNet on Sep 20, 2011

Autoruns v11 : This update to Autoruns, a GUI and command-line tool that lists executables configured to run when you boot, logon or run common applications, adds a “jump to folder” command and several additional autostart locations. The command-line version, Autorunsc, adds a new switch to show file hashes and an option to display the autostart entries for all user accounts registered on a system.

Coreinfo v3.01 : This update to Coreinfo, a command-line utility that shows processor features and topology, fixes a bug in the way it reports hyper-threading and gives a warning when showing virtualization features and a hypervisor is running.

ProcDump v4.01 : This release of ProcDump, a tool for capturing process memory dumps, adds a context record for 1st chance exception dumps so that registers and the call stack of the faulting thread are captured.

Process Explorer v15.05 : This update fixes a bug in cycle CPU usage calculation on Windows 7.

Mark at BUILD: Introduction to Windows Azure , Inside Windows Azure : Mark’s highly-related BUILD sessions are now available for on-demand viewing. In Introduction to Windows Azure : The Cloud OS, Mark defines cloud computing, presents the different types and positions Windows Azure. Then he describes Windows Azure’s implementation of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), including how it makes it easy for developers to write highly-available, highly-scalable cloud applications. In Inside Windows Azure : The Cloud OS, Mark goes deeper than ever before to show Microsoft’s datacenter architecture and explain the steps Windows Azure follows to deploy and runs cloud applications. He concludes by revealing how the Windows Azure team develops and operates Windows Azure.

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