Updates: Autoruns v11.21, Coreinfo v3.03, PortMon v 3.03, Process Explorer v15.12, Mark’s Blog and Mark at RSA 2012
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First published on TechNet on Jan 12, 2012

Autoruns v11.21 : This update to Autoruns fixes a number of minor bugs, including one that could result in a crash when certain scheduled tasks are configured.

Coreinfo v3.03 : Coreinfo, a command-line utility that dumps information about a system’s CPU topology and capabilities, now reports the presence of TSC (timestamp counter) Invariant support.

Portmon v3.03 : Portmon, a utility for monitoring serial and parallel port traffic, includes some minor bug fixes and user-interface consistency updates.

Process Explorer v15.12 : This update to Process Explorer makes the search dialog asynchronous and reports the types of found items. It also fixes several bugs, including showing a small font when run after an older version, a bug in the restart-process functionality, working set columns not showing data, and again shows information about service processes when run from an unprivileged user account.

Mark’s Blog: The Case of My Mom’s Broken Microsoft Security Essentials Installation : Mark goes deep with the Sysinternals tools to fix a corrupt installation of MSE on his mom’s PC over the holidays.

Mark to Speak at RSA 2012 :  Mark will be speaking at the RSA Conference 2012 in San Francisco at the end of February in two sessions. He’ll be interviewed in the conference’s new Author’s Studio track about his novel Zero Day, joining luminaries such as Mark Bowden (Worm and Blackhawk Down) and Bruce Schneier (Applied Cryptography). In his second session, he’ll present Zero Day: A Non-Fiction View, where he’ll explore the feasibility and risk of an attack like the one he presents in Zero Day.

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