Updates: Autoruns v11.2, Disk Usage (DU) v1.4, Process Explorer v15.1, Strings v2.42 and Mark’s Blog: Case of the Installer Service Error
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First published on TechNet on Dec 05, 2011

Autoruns v11.2 : This update fixes a bug in the jump-to-folder function when executed on disabled items and correctly locates print monitor DLLs when they are stored in print monitor-specific system director

Disk Usage (DU) v1.4 : This update to Du, a command line utility for analyzing the disk space consumed by directories, adds a CSV output option, accounts for the file system cluster size in its on-disk size calculations, and includes alternate data streams.

Process Explorer v15.1 : This update of Process Explorer, a Task Manager replacement, adds support for new Windows 8 features by giving the processes hosting immersive applications a distinct highlight color, shows immersive application package names in process tooltips and as a new process view column, lists AppContainer and capability SIDs in the process security properties, and updates the GPU support to be compatible with Windows 8. Other enhancements include GPU memory counters with more descriptive labels, display of the logon session ID on the security properties, and reporting of suspended processes as suspended in the CPU usage column.

Strings v2.42 : This Strings release fixes a bug that would result in a crash when the –n or -b options are specified without a file name.

Mark’s Blog: Case of the Installer Service Error : Follow along with Mark in another of his popular ‘Case of the Unexplained’ troubleshooting examples where he retraces the steps of a network administrator that used Process Monitor to figure out why the Windows Intune installer failed on one of his systems and goes on to fix the problem.

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