Updates: AccessChk v5.2; PsExec v2.11; Sigcheck v2.1; VMMap v3.12
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First published on TechNet on May 02, 2014

AccessChk v5.2 : This release of AccessChk, a security command-line utility that reports the effective access and permissions of files, registry keys, processes, and more, adds support for file and printer shares. In addition, it adds filtering options for viewing accesses related to specified accounts and now includes the System Access Control List (SACL) when it dumps security descriptors.

PsExec v2.11 : This release to PsExec, a command-line remote execution utility, fixes a bug in the implementation of the -s (execute as local system) option on Windows Server 2003.

Sigcheck v2.1 : This update to Sigcheck, a command-line utility that shows file version and digital signature information, now reports a file’s entropy (average bits/byte required to encode its data), can dump information about catalog files including the hashes they store, and can list the certificates installed in the per-user and machine certificate store.

VMMap v3.12 : This release of VMMap, a tool for analyzing process virtual and physical memory usage, fixes a bug affecting queries of files stored on file shares, fixes a bug in copy-to-clipboard of 64-bit addresses, now reports an error when attempting to open stacks on loaded traces, and fixes a bug in the reserved memory working set calculation.

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