Sysmon v6.2, AccessChk 6.20, Sigcheck v2.60, Whois v1.20
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First published on TechNet on Nov 22, 2017
Sysmon v6.20
This Sysmon release adds the ability to change the Sysmon service and driver names to foil malware that use them to detect its presence.

AccessChk v6.20
This update to AccessChk, a command-line utility that reports effective access and can dump access control lists, fixes a bug in that could cause it to crash when looking up account effective access checks.

Sigcheck v2.60
This release fixes catalog signing and timestamp reporting bugs, and no longer truncates publisher names that include commas.

Whois v1.20
Whois, a command-line utility that reports domain registration information for the specified domain, works with new whois registry server redirects.
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