Process Monitor v3.53, Process Explorer v16.31

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Process Monitor v3.53

This update to Process Monitor includes the following changes:

  • Resolves a crash when reloading a saved file
  • Fixes issues where profiling events and/or process activity summary stopped working after the GUI is closed and reopened
  • Adds file information class for IRP_MN_QUERY_DIRECTORY

Process Explorer v16.31

This update to Process Explorer resolves a number of crashes and addresses a GDI exhaustion issue on busy systems.

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will there be update of how the filters are loaded because right now you cannot unload them and are stuck till next restart

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Could you add please to the articles a link to download the app?

Thank You

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Question - At work, on my Win 10 1903 64-bit machine, when I open a Word document, the PC shows me the doc full-size, but then the machine's "focus" goes somewhere else, so if I start typing, I discover I’m not in the doc that is right in front of me, but it’s not clear where I am or what stole the “focus” of the machine.

Can Sysinternals help us figure out what is stealing the machine’s “focus” when I open a Word doc?  If so, how, or please give us a link that explains.



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I am still looking for an option to start procmon with an "on-the-fly" filter for a given executable name. Does this already exist? Will it ever come?

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Carsten, are you aware that there is the /loadconfig switch, available via the command line? And that it can load a config file saved from the UI and its "export" feature (which can include a filter, thyus leading it to "start on the fly" with that filter? For more, see the help file, or

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