Process Monitor (v1.01) and Web Site Updates
Published Jun 26 2019 03:20 PM 492 Views
First published on TechNet on Nov 08, 2006

Mark and Bryce have fixed a bug in Process Monitor that prevented it from working on some non-US English (localized) versions of XP. Thanks for your help debugging this!

Check out this blog on Process Monitor: Filemon + Regmon = Process Monitor 1.0 . It enumerates many of the displayed operations.

Site Updates:

Thanks for all the feedback and help finding issues with this new site! Here's what's been updated in the past 48 hours alone. The biggest update in the addition of the 'Utilities Index' page and the addition of utility version/date info to this page.

  • Update version on Process Explorer page to 10.21 (twice: first edit was wrong)

  • Delete all versioning info before version 10.1 on Process Explorer

  • Update Speaking Schedule page

  • Correct PSTools announcement for PsShutdown.

  • Code Sign and Upload new DebugView binaries.

  • Hover menus don’t work for FireFox so a Utilities Index page needs to be created

  • Fix spaces between ProcessMonitor and ProcessExplorer in TOC

  • Typo on Process Monitor page (procexp.exe should be procmon.exe)

  • Add hyperlinks to Utilities Pages on Sysinternals blog

  • Add hyperlink to Sysinternals TechCenter on Sysinternals blog announcement

  • Update 2003 to 2003 SP1 on Process Monitor page

  • Fix typo on Utilities, File & Disk, and Security Index pages (AccessChk)

  • Fix main page title to read ‘Windows Sysinternals’

  • Add a link to the Suite on the Utilities Index page

  • Add version and file date/time to the Utilities Index page

  • Remove ‘back to top’ links in Speaking Schedule

  • Add version to PsTools Page

  • Add MoveFile to Utilities Index

  • Add RegHide to Utilities Index

  • Multiple edits to Tips and Trivia

  • CodeSign and Upload new Process Monitor v1.01

  • Removed ‘last updated’ dates from Utilities index pages (covered by new Utilities Index file dates)

  • Updated Index page titles for better bookmarking experience

  • Add a link to the Sysinternals home from the home page logo

  • Fix invalid reference on 'Information' page

  • Fix invalid reference in Networking Utilities page

  • Make 'Download....' links more noticable

  • Stop links on the left nav bar from creating a new browser window
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