What is Sway

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Nice video! Eager to know the ETA for charts/graphs featured at 0:36.


Hello Tobias Del Fa


i have attached a guide for you read page no 8 to 9 in the pdf i have attached



Hi Shafiq, 


Thanks for the quick response! I am having trouble downloading the guide – I can see there is an attachment but no way to save it. Could you please share a link or email it to me at Thanks! 





i have sent you guide at your e-mail address you mentioned in your message




Excellent vide, can you please tell me the source where to get free tutorial of sways
best response confirmed by shafiq rehman (Frequent Contributor)

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Dear Shafiq


Thanks alot

Thanks for the link you provided it is so usesful i am getting to know alot just eneted in microsoft community member site