Using sway for completing assignments?

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Hi I would like students to use sway to create their assignment. Is there a way for the sway file to be locked or time and date stamped so the link can be submitted to the grading TA and the TA can verify it was completed by the due date? I don't want the students to have to download as a PDF as it loses the interactive parts.


One suggestion I have had so fair is below. Would this work for my purposes?

There used to be a way to share a sway as a "clone" so that an instructor could create a quiz/survey and share it with other faculty members who would effectively "fork" their own copy. This approach might work, although I don't see that specific option in Sway anymore.

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@ryanbelowitz If they export to word, then the media links still transfer across. For me I will be asking them to consruct in Sway, export to Word and then upload to me via Turnitin.