Synchronization of between SWAY and Spotify

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Hi, SWAY insiders! I'm working on Office 365 and SharePoint, SWAY occupation at IT company.(Microsoft Gold Partner Company in Japan) and Lover of SWAY. Currently, SWAY is available for Mixcloud and Soundcloud, this is so lovely to me. So in addition to I would like to system linkage on Spotify. Because there are many users on Spotify and getting more popular at present day. So I certainly if possible there is such a opportunity increace SWAY user and people are interested in SWAY more. Any schedule for such a development? I would like to spread to the world how interesting and attractive to use in SWAY. Developers and Everyone, what's your opinion? Let me hear that's gonna be so great. I am making many SWAY contents at my work everyday, so I would like to exchange opinion each other. Thank you for your cooperation. Keep in touch, AKIKO
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Hi How are you? @Amnon GovrinI I would appreciate it if you could reply me when you have a time. Thank you for your cooperation, regards AKIKO and Miss Sabrina Mohamed is available now?

@晶子 田上 Hello! Sorry for any confusion, but this is a forum to discuss Microsoft Sway, which is a presentation tool, not any music program. 

Thank you for your reply. Yes, of course I know. and I'm not confused. Do you know Sway can connect with soundcloud which musician and creator's tool, so if possible I'd like to increace for more creator and then they can promote themselselves low price, even if for us like a engineer as a SPO. Thank you for your understanding!
Thanks for your reply. Do you usually often using Sway? I do. And my roles are keeping 10 years more as SPO engineer, Probably I am the most heavy user, creator often use and designing in Sway. I would appreciate your understanding for the essence of matters of my questions. May I have the name of someone in charge of this case?