Sway videos not playing.. HELP!

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I have started having issues with Sway which started yesterday.

Videos are uploading fine as shown



Then once they have uploaded and I press play, the screen goes white as shown 




I then get redirected to this page which shows an error.



I have cleared cookies and cache. I have tried different sways. I have tried to upload from my desktop, one drive, google drive. Every video is the same.


I was also on a call with technical support yesterday and he also tried to upload videos on his side and he said he was having the same issue.


Is anyone else having this issue?

I am using Sway for a current project and this is causing massive problems.


I hav ebeen using Sway for projects for a long time and have not experienced this before.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Kind regards,


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Hello! I'm having the exact same problem as @barryoc85 . Uploaded a few mp4 vids that are well below the file limit and now I get nothing but white before being redirected to a OneDrive fail page. My videos worked one time and have failed since. This also includes one uploaded from YouTube that fails similarly. I have tried Chrome, Safari, and Firefox plus deleted my cookies.


Having spent a lot of time on this I'd really appreciate some help working out the kinks.




Matt G


I have been trying for the last 2 weeks to get this sorted and I am still nowhere near it.

I have been led from one department to another, none of which have helped.

I have been on online chats, sent emails, made phone calls , been on screen sharing calls and when I show the problem, it is always the same. 'Not my department, I cannot help'


This issue has had major implecations for me with my work as I was dependant on Sway for a project.


And the customer service has been totally unacceptable.


The latest feedback I got was that engineering are aware of the issue and there is no timeline on the fix but to keep an eye out for future updates.


Incredibly frustrating and disappointing