Sway Roadmap - Are there plans to continue development?

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Hi Folks - the question is simple really and I'm looking to MSFT to hopefully provide some insight here.


When you check out the Uservoice platform for Sway, there are many good ideas there, many of them quite old and still in a state of 'Gathering Feedback'.


Is the feedback gathering really taking some time? Will Sway be given a different direction? Will it still be around in 6-12 months time?

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@Jason Dunbar I have asked this multiple times to Microsoft and there is never any feedback. This does indicate to me that this will not be developed in the future. If I am wrong Microsoft please correct me.



@James_CoatesThis is a very good question. The sway App is a great tool, and it has the potential to become an important and key authoring tool for e-learning. If Microsoft builds a SCORM or LTI integration capability or allows embedding SCORM compliance tools such as H5P, Sway will be used by many teachers and faculty. Currently, you can include Microsoft Forms inside sway, but the results of the quiz are not added to the LMS grade centre. I just feel that Microsoft is not giving Sway enough attention. They may have another plan that we are not aware of or the current design make it more expensive to add such functionalities. As we know, Microsoft did not create SWAY, but they acquired from another company. In such a case, Microsoft should come with an alternative solution.

@hamadodhabi I can see from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/roadmap?filters= that Sway is no longer in the Office 365 Road Map so I am assuming this is now no going to be Developed.