Sway link in O365 app launcher not working anymore

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The link in the O365 app launcher goes to https://www.sway.com/... but it doesn't work anymore for us. (connection timed out)


While https://sway.com/ does work.

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I would suggest logging a service request if you've been able to replicate the issue on:
- different browsers
- different machines
- different networks

Hi Bart - the link works for me now (sorry about not noticing this message earlier), but maybe at the time that you checked, there was some sort of intermittent problem with the redirection from the launcher.


I'm not sure if there's any intermediary or whether it goes straight through to the authentication on www.sway.com, but there are a lot of services that work together to get everything running, so it may have been something we didn't notice at the time.  Please let us know if you see it again.



- Chris

No problem, thanks for following up!


Apparently sway uses ip addresses which are not listed in the trusted O365 IP ranges.


The PAC file and XML file referenced in https://support.content.office.net/en-us/static/O365IPAddresses.xml only contains FQDN's for sway and no IP ranges. I'm no network specialist but apparently we use the IP ranges for configuring firewalls and proxies.