Sway caption update - what do you think?


We recently made changes to captions in Sway. We made captions in some style families (rows of the Design panel) be off-image for both vertical and horizontal layouts and on-image (aka single-line or minimal) captions for other styles.


Before this change there was one style family with minimal caption (on-image) for vertical layouts and no styles in horizontal layout with off-image captions, only on-image captions.



It would be fantastic if you let us know:

  1. What do you think about the update?
  2. Did it positively or negatively impact your sways?
  3. In what way was it a positive or negative impact?

It would be fantastic if you could include a link to a relevant sway so we have a visual too.


Your feedback will help us decide if we should make any adjustments


Thanks and looking forward to seeing your responses!

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