Stream and TAP need to be added to SWAY

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I trained Sway again today. I am getting better at it. People are still not convinced and want clear reasons why or why not PowerPoint. I am finding that starting with a Document is winning them over. I have a lot of documented help files for Microsoft programs. I just recently created a Word help doc for a presentation I just did on 'signature lines' for Word, Excel, Outlook and mobile devices. If I start my Sway with this Word Doc it comes out really really good.


So WHERE IS TAP. Tap is the most amazing feature in Outlook and Word but is not in Sway. I just submitted it to uservoice. Once it is approved I will be begging you to UpVote. If you do not know what TAP is you are really missing out. If you have not used Sway in a while think about some content that you have in Word, PowerPoint or a PDF and start your Sway from a document. Tweak it a bit and it is magically beautiful.  I have become a true believer in "the Sway of things". 

Oh and I need to pull in Stream videos.  PLEASE.  Office 365 integration.....Make this happen please ASAP,  I have posted requests for this also in UserVoice.

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