Organize Sway in Folders

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Is there a way to organize profile related Sway content in folders? I have made several Sways and now it´s quite a mess.

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@Diogo Xerez Hi there. I came up with a solution for me. Hope it helps you too. So, i´m using both Sharepoint and Onedrive. Inside Sharepoint you can create Folders inside folders and you can attach a link as it where a file. Just click on the plus button and instead of choosing a fil choose a link. Give it the name you want and paste the shared link from Sway into this link tab. (make sure you choose to share a link with edit options on so you and your team can edit it in the future). Now everything Sway related will be handled starting from Sharepoint. The Same can be done with Onedrive. But not tested with onedrive desktop, just the web solution.