New to Sway—recording, closed caption, navigation, autoplay and view counts

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Over the last few months, the Sway Team has been on the ground asking users what features they would like to see in the Sway app. They heard all the ways you use Sway in your personal, school and work lives, and listened to tons of great recommendations on how to make these experiences even better. As a result of this partnership, here is another round of updates from the Sway team:


  • Audio recording
  • Closed caption
  • Navigation view
  • Autoplay
  • View count

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These new features are fantastic, particularly the accessibility features. How does the closed captioning work?

Hi Dave!  Great to hear that you're excited about our latest update!  With regards to how closed captioning works, Office 365 users can add closed captions to any video/audio files that they've uploaded, recorded (for audio) or added from their OneDrive for Business account. 


The steps to add closed captions are the following:

  1. Add your media file (local, OneDrive for Business, recorded audio/video file)
  2. Expand the card using the Details button on the top left of the card
  3. Click the Add closed caption button
  4. Upload your closed caption file and select a language. 


We currently only support the .vtt format but would love to hear if there are other formats that you use that we should look into supporting.  :)


- Kimberley (Sway PM)



thanks for that!
I really like sway and think that the features of it are great. Anyway - i would love

to work more often with it. But for my work context its mandatory to give presentations

afterwards to my clients - as pdf a.e.

At this point  sway isn't able to do so ( I know about the Browser-inprint-function - does not work for me).


So are you planning to give Sway that feature in the future or not?


Greetz from Berlin


Thanks for this detailed explanation, Kimberly! 


I would just like to add one small detail - currently we support .vtt files that are up to 1MB in size.



Katarina (Sway PM)