Logo support in Sway


Hi everyone,


We have released the ability to add a logo to your Sway title.


We're hoping this feature will be useful for you in creating more branded and professional Sways.

To add a logo click on Details on the Sway title card and then on Add a Logo. Pick a file from your file system (a transparent PNG will blend nicely with the background, and you can even use an animated GIF).


Here's a sample Sway with a logo: https://sway.com/sales_pitch


Adding a logo is one of the features available only in Sway for Office 365.


Tell us what you think and thanks for using Sway!

Amnon Govrin


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Awesome feature, thank you!
Also FYI if you do this as a blog post in the Sway community then all the followers will get it emailed to them, instead of having to browse to find it.

Dear Amnon,


I saw an old post with regards tot placing logo's in Sway. I tried this and it still isn't working for me as I see a pop-up saying I need an account to add and see the logo? I do have an account so don't really understand the remark. Do you have extra info. about his?

Kind regards,


Hi Karen,


I'm sorry this isn't working for you.


I'd like to ask some clarifying questions to find out what's going on.

  1. Are you using a non-paying Microsoft account, by chance? 
  2. Is this a Sway that was shared with you for editing?


Logo in Sway is an Office 365 subscription feature. This means only paying customers with either a personal, family or business Office365 subscription can add logos to their Sways.

When a Sway with a logo is shared for editing with a user that does not have a subscription, they will get a notice like the one you described.



Does the above description fit your situation?


I hope this helps clarify,


I'm also looking to add logo but am struggling to find a way to do this to ALL cards e.g. Heading and Text cards. I've got the title one done though but I need it on all cards in the show :)

Adding a logo to headings is not supported at this point.


Thanks for the suggestion! Can you give us more details about in which cases this would be beneficial to you? Any specific layout (vertical, horizontal or slides) and specific document type?




Hi Amnon

I use the slide view so was looking to have a corporate logo in each slide (bottom right) so I can use sway instead of powerpoint and retain the same corp appearance.  Thnx

Hey Amnon,

Adding a logo was easy enof but my problem lays with the fact that add the moment I am making a Sway for to companies. Whits means that I need to add 2 logos. This is not posibol as far as i can see. maby you know how.


You are right. Only 1 logo can be added to a specific Sway.


There are a few hacks you could do to get two:

1. Add one of the logos as an image (for a header or title).

2. Create an image with both logos if you need them in a certain arrangement (e.g. side by side).

3. Embed a Sway within another Sway, each Sway with its own logo. This is a pretty involved approach, as you need to create separate Sways.


Best regards and thanks for using Sway!

@Amnon Govrin 

Hi, my logo is 1340 X 1060 pixels, but it is tiny on the title slide. How do I change that?

@IrisDR Unfortunately, currently there is no way to change the logo size when used as a logo. You may want to consider adding it as a regular or title image to get more options.


Best regards,