Is this thing still being developed? Or is it on the way out?

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Just logged in for the second time in two years.


No change to the interface, available assets or any of the functionality.


Is this still being developed by microsoft or is it going away? Not really interested in investing any more time in the thing if it is just going to end up in the bin.


Would be useful to hear from an actual microsoft rep here.

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I'm in the same boat as you stripeycat, wanted to use it years ago but it never had analytics, now I have looked at it for the first time in years and I can see it does have analytics and so would like to promote (as we don't have SharePoint 365 and it can solve various use-cases we have) but I don't want to as there seems to be no roadmap/info on it. Weirdly this may be the right time for it with all the digital upskilling/hybrid working - whereas before people weren't using the 365 ecosystem in the same way. The blogging and easy user-website set up features are useful I hope someone answers this!