Is there a way to stop page refresh?

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We are using Sway in our company to display an array of information and news. This is displayed on a TV that is always on and is connected to a laptop that has all power saving settings switched off - the intention of which is to have the content displayed 24/7. The problem is that after about 2 days (tested over a couple of weeks - it seems to be 48 hours give or take) that we get the message displayed 

"Refresh Page

We've updated the Sway site, or this page has been idle too long. Refresh your browser to continue working"


We have not updated any content in the timeframe. Is there as setting to turn off the "idle too long" issue? The browser is IE Version 11.904.16299.0


Anyone experience this issue or have a workaround?

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Hi - there's one way to work around this that one of our engineers thought of, but it depends on sharing settings.


If you can you set your sway to be shared with "Anyone with the link", then you can open up the sway in an InPrivate or Incognito window (where you're not logged in) and then it shouldn't need to refresh at all.


The refresh message comes up when accounts are idle for a long-enough time, for compliance reasons (particularly for business accounts) - but if you can open up the sway when not logged in, that issue should go away.


Hope that helps!

Thanks, cool. Will test this out as I have this need too.

@Chris Bevan 


Thanks for the information - just to make sure I'm understanding the workaround, that would require making the Sway fully public - anyone with the link could access it, right?  

Are there any other options that allow Sway to be used as described without it being public?




Hi Dave - technically yes; if someone you don't know got hold of that link, they could access the page.  However, since the link isn't listed anywhere, someone would have to specifically send it to them, and if you're just using the page on internal networks, it's hard to imagine that happening.


(There similarly wouldn't be anything stopping someone sending a password-protected site link out to other people along with the password.  The only real difference is that the phrase "password" might make people think extra-hard about whether to share it)


I'm not aware of any other workarounds just now, sorry.  I actually left the Sway team a few months ago and so am not up to date on the latest with it.



- Chris