Error message on links in sways since 05.09.2020

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since yesterday, when a user klick on a link in may sways like

he gets an error message:

"You’re about to be redirected off to a webpage that may not be secure. Continue?"


Even with links to microsoft forms!
Please repair that false alert!
Your's sincerely,  Stefan

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Microsoft Chat gives me a case nr: 1005006187 - maybe some here can solve the problem

I also have the same problem, very frustrating @stefan-franz 

Is anyone from Microsoft here or is this this forum death?

Absolut keine Reaktion von Microsoft. Man erreicht auch keinen irgendwo in irgend einer Hotline, der einem weiter helfen kann oder der was unternimmt. 

Absolutely no response from Microsoft. You can't reach anyone anywhere on a hotline who can help you or do something.

@stefan-franz Myself and several colleagues have also noted this. It is frustrating to us and to our audience. Please MS, provide us a response as to why this is happening and when it is going to be fixed.

Anscheinend interessiert das Problem bei Microsoft niemanden. Hab das Gefühl, dieses Forum ist komplett tot - Microsoft interessiert in keinster Weise irgendwas, das man hier einträgt. 
Der Support von Microsoft ist sozusagen nicht existent. Sie hätten ja nur alles so lassen brauchen wie es war. Verstehe das alles nicht, warum man die Sways hier kaputt gemacht hat. 

Wenn jemand eine Alternative von einem anderen Anbieter zu den Sways weiß, bitte melden. 

@stefan-franz I too would be interested to hear if anyone knows of an alternative to Sway. Very disappointed with lack of response from Microsoft!

same issue for me linking to an ms Form.
How stupid. The sway is for customer relationships for goodness sake with a link to a form for input.
Fix this

Is anyone of Microsoft in this forum? No reaction since nearly 2 months about the false error alert by clicking on links. Good customer support looks different. 
Maybe Microsoft ist to big - not interested in your customers. 

Bill Gates es gibt?
Furr Gates ist nicht gibt!

Any update from Microsoft in regards to this? @swayster 

@swayster  I do not no what that means

If i klick on a link in a sway, f. e.
ist comes that message:

"Sie sind dabei, auf eine Webseite zu umgeleitet, die möglich erweise nicht sicher ist. Weiterhin?

You are about to redirect to a website that may not be secure. Farther?

I want, that without message, the user comes after klickin in the link to the sway to the shop (or whatever the link navigates). 

Kind regards, Stefan