Embedding Forms into Sway

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I realized that I can embed a questionary made with Forms into a Sway presentation. However, if I require that only the people in my organization can reply, it is not working. I.e., only anonymous replies are possible. Any ways to enable registered replies in this way?

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Hey Pasi, Looks like your message got cut off. May I ask where the issue arises? Is it when you try to view the Sway or when you try to fill the form? Additionally, did you authenticate to Sway using the same account you created the form with? Cheers!
Hi. I have created a test presentation in Sway using my work account. Then I created a questionary with Forms, the same account. I embedded Forms into my Sway. If I had in Forms that authentication is required, then the embedded Forms did not open. The embedding was visible, but the Form did not open. If I allowed anonymous answering, it worked.

I tested this with my Surface Pro 3, Edge browser.

Even though I am using both work and private accounts with my Surface, I am sure that in this test I used the same account.

Later I tested also embedding of the same Forms questionary to OneNote online. That worked correctly.


Does anyone know how to embed a microsoft forms iframe into a sway so that the whole form is displayed? This would mean no scrolling is needed.