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We are excited to announce the release of Sways Near Me—a new feature for Sway iOS—which allows you to instantly work together with people near you.


The idea for Sways Near Me was sparked during a school visit where members of the Sway team were invited to see how students use Sway. During a field trip, students were placed into groups and assigned to write a part of a Sway for a shared project. Each student diligently created their part of the project. To put the parts together, the students took turns reading their parts to one student who acted as the scribe. This took forever!


When we saw students switching roles as reader and scribe, we knew co-authoring based on proximity would be faster. We built Sways Near Me with this scenario in mind.


Sharing takes seconds with Sways Near Me.Sharing takes seconds with Sways Near Me.


With Sways Near Me, two people who are together can instantly start co-authoring the same Sway. Using Sways Near Me, the first person selects the second person from a list of nearby Sway users and sends a sharing invitation. The second person receives an invitation to edit that Sway—all from within the Sway app. Sways Near Me only requires a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection—so it works from anywhere in the world.


With iOS sharing capabilities, you can also share your Sway directly from an iPhone or iPad to an email or text message, social media post, or a OneNote notebook.


These sharing capabilities makes Sway a fantastic tool for students who are working together on assignments. They can easily incorporate their mobile captures—such as photos and videos of subjects like art, architecture, and nature—and start working together. Teachers tell us that their students have created field trip reports, portfolios, and other media-rich assignments all in Sway.


Sway iOS is not only useful for instant sharing at school, but also for at work. You can use mobile sharing for on-the-go co-authoring on conference trips, customer site visits, and much more. Sway is a versatile tool.


Have you worked on a Sway with others using Sway iOS? Let us know what you think. We’re always looking for feedback and new suggestions in the comments or on our UserVoice for Sway iOS.



—The Sway team

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