Windows time change doesn't update time in UEFI/BIOS

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We have multiple Surface Pro 7 tablets that run Windows 10 Pro. The tablets operate entirely disconnected from the internet and are manually synced occasionally.
Recently we updated some of our tablets to Surface Pro 7+ tablets and duplicated the Windows image from the old tablets to the newer ones (updating the relevant drivers).
However, when we perform the sync procedure on the new tablets, the time resets back to the BIOS time after every restart.


After some investigation, we found out that the Surface Pro 7 tablet modifies the BIOS time when the time in Windows is changed. However, the Surface Pro 7+ tablet fails to change BIOS time.


This issue did not reproduce on a brand new Surface Pro 7+ (without our image), so we suspect it has to do with the image we installed (configured from a Surface Pro 7 tablet). We had performed a similar update before, updating from Surface Pro 6 to Surface Pro 7 but did not encounter any issues.

After installing Surface Pro 7+ driver pack(which also updates the BIOS), the issue was resolved. However, we want to find a simpler solution that doesn't require updating and installing irrelevant drivers.


Another possible cause we tried to investigate is that the newer tablet runs a different BIOS version that is not configured in the Windows Registry/elsewhere. Still, we were not able to find documentation regarding that.


Is there any solution to this issue that doesn't require updating all drivers/installing a new Windows image?

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