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I'm Shawn, a proud Surface Pro 5 user who wishes to get Windows 11 officially, it has outperformed Windows 10 during betas and the official version is great. but that had to be done through the registry. 


I would like to ask that the surface team please ask the windows team or get this sorted out so I can windows 11 offfically.


Thank you :) 


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Hi Shwan,

I'm also running Windows 11 on my Surface Pro 5 and like you stated no issues at all. Performance is equal or maybe even better to Windows 10. Even TPM 2 is available so it's only CPU what mismatches the requirements. I'm not a Mac fan at all but what they are strong in supporting devices over many years. Exactly in this area Microsoft is starting to make the gap even bigger if they are starting to push users to new devices even if not required at all.


I have a question about the compatibility and hoping you might be able to answer or steer me in the correct direction.

I have a surface pro 1796, surface pro 5, 2017, what ever they want to call it. According to MS I'm not compatible for W11, is there a way around this? I looked at my requirements and it seems it the processor is not currently supported. Is that to say it will be in the future or is that just a nice way to say "get a new computer"?   

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7300U CPU @ 2.60GHz, 2712Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) 

Is there somewhere/some way this might be upgradeable? 

I can readily afford a new machine but I really LOVE this surface pro. 


thanks for any insight you can give.




@BroMikeBos It looks like Microsoft allows you to add a registry key to get around the TPM 2.0 and CPU compatibility check (though I think TPM 1.2 is still required). Haven't tried this myself, but one of the IT guys at my office has upgraded several otherwise incompatible machines this way.

Would you be able to find out from your coworker if he or she is giving security patches/updates after installing and working around the tPM. My machine actually does have TPM 2.0 and it is enabled. I believe my roadblock is the processor. That processor does not show that it is compatible.

Sorry, that is supposed to read “ If he or she is getting security patches/updates after installing and working around the TPM.” 

@BroMikeBos He said he's upgraded quite a few machines and they're all receiving updates with no problem at this point.

It’s a beautiful thing. Thank you very much for that. Now I need to find out if I can work around my processor issue. I sent a contact us to windows 11/Microsoft but have yet to hear anything back from them. Thank you for your response and have a happy Thanksgiving!
I believe the registry key bypasses both the TPM and CPU compatibility checks, so that should solve your processor issue as well if that's what you're referring to. Happy to help, and a happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

I tried it on my SP5, and it worked, but the animations and the touch response were lagging just a smidge from time to time. But most importantly the battery was draining at an alarming rate. 5 minutes of just browsing the internet resulted in around 1-2% drain, without any other application running in the background. So going back to windows 10.

@radem083 you have a step by step how this could be done?

i really love the surface 5 pro

wish i can have win11 install.