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Hello and welcome to the Devices Community!  We are so glad you are here and excited to have this forum to collaborate and discuss all things Surface. You will find spaces for each one of our products in the Devices Community, so go ahead and take a look at them all. This one is dedicated to Surface Pro 4.
I am a Devices Program Manager at Microsoft and along with my team we want to ensure that anyone with an interest in our Devices has a place to share experiences, questions, and feedback.  Even more exciting is the opportunity to network and find others with your same interests. In this community you will find customers, partners, MVPs, and our own Devices product and engineering teams in a single location, all with the objective to create healthy discussions that will help us all improve. The comments here are moderated to ensure we maintain a learning environment were arguments and content matter. It's time to start your own conversations and speak up. 
Be an active participant in this community, it works best when we are all talking. In doing so, you  will earn badges within the community.  Check them out by going to your profile and clicking ‘Achievements’. I also invite you to browse existing conversations within the Devices and other communites and share your opinion.
To get you started, check out this amazing tour of the Surface Pro 4 with Dave Mitchell in our Microsoft Mechanics YouTube channel!
One last time: welcome, it is great to have you join us!

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@Nydia Cavazos hi I have an until recently perfectly functioning Surface Pro 4.  I can no longer get on to password protected wifi networks available to me at home. The router is fine, I've tested each network, rebooted several times-  everything else is in order and  I have created an open network which my Surface is currently logged into. Yesterday the Microsoft technician I spoke with was unable to help with this problem. Has anyone got any suggestions?