Surface Pro 7 Wi-Fi gone forever

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I'm a long time MS Surface user. I was fighting wi-fi connection issues on my Surface Pro 1, and now I'm doing the same with my Surface Pro 7.
I've upgraded from Win10 to Win11 about a month ago and the problem still persists.


The usual routine is to discover that Wi-Fi adapter is gone, perform network reset and observe that Wi-Fi adapter have started to work again.


Today I've encountered the same problem, performed reset, observed that Wi-Fi adapter is up again, but it fails to see any Wi-Fi networks around so no connection is possible.

Upon opening the Device Manager I've found out that Wi-Fi driver is malfunctioning (error code 10).
I've downloaded a driver pack from MS website(SurfacePro7_Win11_22000_22.011.9935.0.msi) and installed it to no avail.
I've downloaded and installed a driver from Intel (the Wi-Fi card manufacturer, WiFi-22.130.0-Driver64-Win10-Win11.exe) - still no Wi-Fi networks in sight.
Than I've noticed that the last Windows update was not installed successfully, so I downloaded it (windows10.0-kb5012643-x64_a29610770b67091e324340e3e9eb236b1974cbee.msu) and tried to install manually, without success - the installation seemed to proceed OK, but in the end the Update Manager still refuses to acknowledge that update was installed.
Still no Wi-Fi networks.


When I try to update the Wi-Fi driver manually, Windows presents me with the choice of 1 MS and 4 Intel drivers. Depending on which one I choose Wi-Fi adapter fails to start with either Error 10 or Error 43. Automatic driver update doesn't help either.


What are my options now? Thank you.

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Good luck! I see 1000's of users with similar issues and they give bogus fixes that just temporarily fix the problem I can't continue to work without reliable WiFi. I never know when I'm going to try to join an important Zoom or Teams meeting and can't. This is totally unacceptable. Why does my Samsung phone work perfectly with Wifi, never an issue and Microsoft is totally unreliable.