Surface Pro 3 unable to connect to Optus home WIFI

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Has anyone else had this problem? My surface pro 3 will connect to any other wifi except for the home Optus wifi that i have just signed up. I have done a complete system reset and recover and it still won't connect. The optus wifi help desk don't know how to fix it and say its a problem with my lap top, i went into the store with the lap top and could sign in to the in-store wifi. The microsoft help desk walked me through the full restore and now that's done and the problem still remains, they also don't know how to fix it and say its a problem with the wifi. Can anyone help? 

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Same issue happened on my surface pro 3. I fixed it by updating the WLAN Driver to the latest version. @Surface_Novice 


Is yours a surface pro 3 and is it Optus home wifi.

If so what is the driver version you downloaded?


I have this issue and Optus told me it's down to Microsoft.

Microsoft said it's down to Optus.

I reset my surface pro 3, issue not resolved.

Updated driver to latest version, issue still not resolved.

Contacted Microsoft again and they said 'oh it's a hardware issue then'.

Well, if it was a hardware issue, my wifi adaptor would not be connecting to every other wifi connection.

I can connect to my phone hotspot (Telstra based). All public wifi, just not my Optus home WiFi.

There are a few people saying this is down to the Optus signal, this network card isn't compatible with this new type of WiFi.

So when Microsoft tell me it's a hardware fault, what they mean is, the hardware they sold with the surface Pro 3 is faulty.

However, they will not support me, will not offer me a driver update, and will not offer me an option to upgrade the hardware.

Basically, the surface pro 3 is useless, despite it working exactly how it was designed to work.

That, to me, makes it a Microsoft fault, not a hardware fault.

Microsoft have sold a product that is not fit for purpose.

But as it's out of warranty, they have every right to refuse to help.

For a large company like Microsoft, I would think they would stand by their customers...

But no, it's ok, it's just a few old surface pro 4 customers that mean nothing.

What they don't think about is, I now have to buy a new laptop, and I ha E a few options.

Microsoft, Asus, HP, Apple. Dell, Acer., Lenovo.

Well I know Lenovo offer driver updates and Apple also stand by their products.

Ive had several HP laptops and Ive always been happy with their support, including drivers and hardware upgrades.

Acer also stand by their products.

So, what brand should I go with for my new laptop?

I wonder if Microsoft can recommend any other brands, because their own brand are just not good enough.





perhaps it's a protocol version mismatched problem.
In mostly, Wifi router has setting to config protocol version it uses, e.g:
802.g, 802.n, etc,
Please check the version the router uses whether the Pro 3 support or not