Surface battery and limited CPU

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the issue arose after the battery of my Surface Pro 2017 stopped charing beyong 0% (I believe its completely gone now, as runtime on battery was already less than half an hour! and I was using the device almost exclusively plugged in)


Description of the problem:

maximum CPU utilization (as reported in Task Manager) is limited to 14 %

and maximum CPU frequency (again as seen in Task Manager) always stays at 0.38 GHz


My question now is: is there another way than to replace the battery to get CPU utilization and frequency back to normal (up to 100% and up to ~3.50GHz) for example through modifying the registry?


Things I have tried so far to no avail:

- uninstalling battery in device manager (with removing the driver)

- uninstalling battery and AC adapter in device manager

- deactivating the battery in the device manager

- changing performance mode in windows settings

-> after each of these changes I rebooted the system.


One thing that might complicate things a bit: I am currently running the Windows 11 Pro Insider Preview Build 25247.rs_prerelease.221114-1311 on my device


Thank you in advance, any help is apreciated!

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