Recent Update issues (as of Fri 15 Jan 2021)

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Surface Pro 7


The strangest thing happened.  I got an update and everything went as normal - until at a point where I had 30% complete and (as is often the case) it tried to do a Restart - changed to a blue screen with 'Restarting' in the middle.  That was it, no further changes.

After about 3 hours with that same screen I tried to shut down (single top left button) and it did go yo black screen for a moment, it then just went to the same blue screen.  OK tried a 2 button reset - exactly the same, immediately back to the same blue screen.

It was geting late, now about 5 hours after the initial updating process started, so I had to get some sleep.  Not having any control over the on/off state of the Surface Pro, I just closed the cover and left it.

The next day (today), I opened the cover and had a black screen - thinking it was the same state as before and that it would go to the blue screen ahain, I pressed the start button - wow! - it started as normal.

Questions:  what on earth happened there?  Amyone else had such a strange thing happen?


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