No surface pro 4 pen replacement in Sweden?

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My surface pro 4 pen does no longer write. 

It can erase, the buttons work, but no writing. Or rather, if I moisten the tip a little I do get the diamond to appear if I press the tip slightly against the screen. I'm guessing that the pen is broken. 

It is under warranty until 2019. However...

I have read that in the US you simply walk into a Microsoft Store and they will replace the pen after examination. I feel like I am expected to accept that stuff break and to spend $100 on a new pen. :(

It is unlikely that anyone here knows how I can get help, but I thought I'd ask anyway. 


So, do you have a recommendation on what I should do?



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Have you checked the battery? The Surface app allows you to see the battery level.

Unfortunately, it requires a AAAA battery. Not usually found in retail stores, but Amazon has them. A 2-pack of Duracell AAAA batteries costs about $6. If that's the fix, you just saved a lot of money.