Multiple monitor issue

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I have multiple staff using the new Surface Pro tablet with the Microsoft Dock. For the staff that have 1 external monitor as their only monitor, and the multiple monitors setting set to Only show on 2 this setting doesn't stay. After a few minutes the setting changes back to either Duplicate or in some cases Extend. This is happening with multiple staff using different monitors, only common thing is same model of tablet and dock. Looking for any suggestions.


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We have very similar problems with Surface Pro (3). Our staffs are on dual external screens connected via Surface dock. Quick often when they took the machine off to a meeting (perhaps connected to a projector) and came back, they would get all sorts of behaviors on the external displays:


1. External displays no longer work with the display settings on the machine says to "disconnect the display" (rather than extend).

2. Only one display is working.

3. The display is working but at a lower resolution.


Machines are running Windows 10 and have the latest drivers. We even rebuild one of the machines but the problem remains. 


It is like once the machine lost the display settings after connecting to other external devices. Very frustrating.