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my Surface pro is less than 6months old. WhenI try to open it shows the Window sign but does not respond to anything. Even when I try to switch off it still shows the window symbol. It sometimes flickers at bottom of screen. Does anyone have any suggestions to what may be happening no how to resolve.

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@Pam-ella OK Pamela I have the surface pro 7 also and I have the screen flicker issue myself. What you may try to do is when you have the problem. Hold Shift+Ctrl+Win+B= You will hear an Audible Beep and kick you out of the frozen screen. If your using the Keyboard Cover, try using the touch screen to flick the screen to open and input your credentials. I believe it's actually a driver update from Intel get needs to be addressed to Microsoft, they should work on this problem together because it's an ongoing thing for many users for the past year or so.