Impossible pairing 2 bluetooth devices with Surface Pro 8

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Hi all,


This is the first time I write here so, first of all, thank you for all the support


I've the Surface pro 8, with Windows 11 dev channel (last build) and I cannot connect my smartphone (Xiaomi MI 9 se) while the surface pen is already connect via Bluetooth.

With other Surface (I had SP2, SP4 and SP5) it was possible.


What's the problem? Is a bluetooth problem? a Windows 11 error? Xiaomi compatibility problem? (i don't think so becouse everithing works fine with my other Surface Pro devices)

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@GiacomoMS  Any luck fixing this?? I'm having the same problem right now with my surface 8 + pen and trying to connect my airpods

@GiacomoMS Please try to run Intel® Driver & Support Assistant


It should find a graphic driver, wireless driver, and Bluetooth driver.


I fixed a similar issue connecting the AirPod after installing the Bluetooth driver. I would suggest installing all of them anyway.


Please let me know if it works.


Have a great day!

I've already did it. Finally I've fixed it changing the Surface. Microsoft sent me another one and now it works...

Really???? They sent me a new pen for my surface pro, and it still stops .... Then I have to reboot, and sometimes I have to do it again, with rebooting.

@marejan1930 finally I've fixed it changing the SP8 but maybe it was depended because I'm insider.