Help for remote Tech assistance: Surface Pro 3 battery drain

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Good morning all.


I have a favour to ask to this Comunity.

I have an "elder" cousin that live alone and due to Covid here in Italy, she rely on her computer for almost everything.


Since few months she experience excesive battery drain. She told me that she need to stay connected to the powerline, if she needs to work. I have ask her to send me her battery report that you will find attached. Unfortunaly, I cannot visit her to help her in person due to Covid. She is not a computer expert and just know how to browse or send emails.


It seems to me that something happen on 2020-05-11, as you can see from the report, the battery capacity started to decrease.


Can someone please suggest what might be the problem? A Win10 update maybe? A fail of the battery?

Any action to suggest?


Thank you in advance.





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